#JPEcuties as Emojis


We receive so many photos of children wearing our glasses, we couldn't help but notice that they are making some of the same faces as emojis. 

Take a look for yourself!


Jonas Paul Eyewear Stylish Eyewear

Keep up the adorable photos of your #JPEcuties and your child could be featured in the next round of Jonas Paul Eyewear emojis!  


Some of the glasses featured above include:

Stressed Grin Emoji: Joyce Girls Eyeglass Frame

Smiling Emoji: Paul Boys Eyeglass Frame

Neutral Face Emoji: Paul Boys Limited Edition Eyeglass Frame

Upside down smile: Paul Boys Eyeglass Frame

Surprised Face: Maddie Girls Eyeglass Frame

Sunglass Emoji: Jonas Boys Sunglass Frame

Anguished Face Emoji: Paige Girls Eyeglass Frame

Kissy Face Emoji: Miles Boys Eyeglass Frame

Tongue Out Emoji: Barbara Girls Eyeglass Frame



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