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If we asked you where Jonas Paul Eyewear is based out of, what would your answer be?

If you said Michigan, you would be right! Jonas Paul Eyewear is based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Grand Rapids is home to Beer City, USA, Art Prize, and so much more! Grand Rapids provides so many opportunities for any age and we just had to brag a little bit. But not only does Grand Rapids provide so much, the whole state of Michigan does!

With beautiful attractions up north, Mackinac Island, Traverse City, Detroit and more... there are so many opportunities in Michigan. Being surrounded by Lake Michigan, breathtaking views that could be as close as your backyard, the opportunity to experience the city life or rural area of up north - Michigan is a great place for families to live and friends to visit.

Which is why we want to celebrate our beautiful state of Michigan by offering a Michigan giveaway.

We present to you....

You don’t have to be living in Michigan to enter, we just want to celebrate our beautiful state by promoting businesses that are Michigan local, just like we are!

We have partnered with over eight companies! Scroll down to learn more about our these featured companies, their story and make sure to follow them on their social media channels! *Click the photo to be redirected to their website. 

So Awesome


SO Awesome makes modern durable, irresistible, wallet-sized cards for awesome children. Designed in Michigan by a Momma of twins, Silas and Owen, and made in the USA. So Awesome cards are perfect to engage children in carseats, strollers, shopping carts, and long airplane rides.

Fun Fact: The "S" is for Silas, the "O" is for Owen which equals: "SO" Awesome.

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Madcap Coffee



The idea for Madcap sprouted from friendship. After gleaning all they could from college, attempted startups, and a coffee shop in Illinois, Trevor and Ryan began sowing and cultivating their common desire: to make and share amazing coffee. And they do! Madcap Coffee is committed to buying, roasting, retailing, and wholesaling specialty coffees. MadCap believes in order to do this well, they must build strong relationships with all of the people who participate in bringing coffees to our roastery.

Fun Fact: Madcap only buys from farms that are as committed to the craft of farming and processing as they are in the roasting and brewing of their coffee.

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Cherry Republic

Celebrating the beauty and spirit of northern Michigan in everything they make and do, Cherry Republic has grown from a t-shirt sold out of the trunk of a car to the world’s largest exclusive retailer of cherry food creations. Along the way, they have turned one man’s vision into a nation of citizens embracing his creed of life, liberty, beaches, and pie.

Fun Fact: Michigan produces 70 to 75 percent of the tart cherries grown in the United States. 

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Uncle Goose

For more than 30 years, Uncle Goose is the premier manufacturer of handcrafted wooden ABC blocks.   A team of artisans, woodworkers and silk screeners produce quality block sets from basswood which is sourced in the Great Lakes region.

Fun Fact: Uncle Goose handcrafts every set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using choice materials from around the Great Lakes.


Michigan Awesome


Michigan Awesome is a celebration of state pride and hometown love. They offer high quality products to Michiganders in our home state, across the country, and around the world.

Fun Fact: Singing sand can be found on the beaches of Grand Haven. The sand particles make a whistling sound as you walk upon them.

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Rapid Hammock

With a passion for adventuring outdoors since they were kids, co-founders have developed a passion for outdoor gear. Noticing a weak market of gear that sacrifices strength for portability, they wanted a hammock that was adjustable, strong, simple and lightweight. With limited options, they decided to create their own and Rapid Hammock begun.

Fun Fact: It takes 30 seconds to put together your hammock and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

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Rustic Maka

Growing up in Poland in the 80s, Kasia and Monica learned early on what it means to live simply. With limited access to beauty and hygiene products, their mother taught them to make due with whey they had. These two learned to adapt and use simple and easy solutions to battle many bodily ailments, even after moving to the states, where they had access to many more resources but still continued to keep their “simplicity” mentality,  and Rustic Maka was born, proving that you don’t need to have a lot of ingredients to have a great product that actually works.

Fun Fact: All products are tested in the real world on real (and willing!) people, who just like you, are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and are seeking alternatives to traditional personal care products. *Never tested on animals.

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Jonas Paul Eyewear

Inspired by their son, Jonas, who was born visually impaired, parents, Ben and Laura Harrison, created a children’s eyewear company that focuses on creative, fashion-forward eyewear for your son or daughter.

Fun Fact:  Everyone at the office is addicted to coffee and pretzel nuggets. Breakfast of champions. 

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Damn Handsome

At Damn Handsome Grooming Co, they partner with craft breweries to re-purpose their spent ingredients into healthy, hardworking goods for guys. From beer soap to shaving products, beard care products to gifts - they handcraft all the essentials for the modern man.

Fun Fact: With every purchase made, they donate soap to those in need.

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About Jonas Paul Eyewear

At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we design affordable glasses for kids with the right amount of style—something nearly impossible to find before we began. We also deliver right to your door. With seven trial pairs to a box, kids can try out different styles from the comfort of home. With frames plus lenses starting at just $79, you can style responsibly. You can also make an impact knowing a portion of each sale goes toward preventing childhood blindness around the world.


Jonas Paul Eyewear - Kids Eyewear