Healthy Snacking Starts at Home


Who can relate to these stories? 
You pick up your child from school and you open your arms wide to embrace their warm hug. Instead, they give you a side hug and say, "Mom, I'm hungry! Can we stop for something to eat?" And each day you say, "No, we can eat something at home," and you can almost feel them roll their eyes because they don't want anything that is in the pantry. 
Or, they hop off the school bus and instead of saying "HI!" they dash to the kitchen, open the fridge *look around* then open the pantry *look around* and like clockwork they will say, "We have nothing to eat!" when really there are several options but what they are looking for is something quick and easy to snack on, which may not be that healthy. 
When children hear the words "healthy", they assume that the food will be gross and have no flavor. Healthy snack recipes for kids don't have to be boring. In fact, healthy snacking can actually be a fun activity for children and parents to prepare together!  What if we told you we have a delicious and healthy after school snack recipe that your kids will love, and so will you?! 
Healthy snacks are an important part of helping children develop healthy eating habits and a regular eating schedule. Allowing kids to help choose and make their own food is a great learning experience, and parents can make it a lot of fun! So before they go and grab a bag of chips, have them help you prepare this delicious recipe below and get ready for huge smiles because your kids (and you) will love these! 
Can you say, YUM!?
What are some of your favorite after school snacks? 

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