Jonas Paul Eyewear Holiday Gift Guide



Good tidings of cheer are upon us all — can you feel it? The buzz & bustle, while not the reasons for the season, mark a time of tradition and celebration. All is aglow and glistening…even and especially our upper lips as we face the anxiety of gift-giving. What to get whom? Who to give what? It’s almost too much to think about!


Jonas Pictured in the Paul Kids Eyeglass Frame

We want to make the gifting part of the holiday season that much easier for you and for us, so we can all focus on what’s really important this time of year. Read on for our recommendations!

For the person who has everything: vintage or handmade from Etsy.  Like this or this.

For the White Elephant Gift party: A toughie, because you’re working with a lot of likes (and dislikes). Go with something classic, like a yummy candle or coffee mug.

For the twenty-something: A nice bottle of spirits goes a long way. Or this cool lap desk that holds laptop, mouse, and phone all-in-one.

For the teen: Quit while you’re ahead. KIDDING. For her, chic winter boots like these or these. For him, a low-profile backpack with unique features. Include gift receipt.

For the little one: Her or his list is probably a mile long, so to narrow it down, we suggest sentimental toys that won’t get tossed aside when the next fad comes around (remember silly bandz? rainbow loom?). How about a toy brought to life from your child’s own drawing? Or a teepee because, well, it’s a teepee! And don’t forget our entire selection of Jonas Paul Eyewear frames!


For your partner: There’s a reason couple’s massages show up on every list. They’re amazing. You can hand over your backrub duties to a professional and reap the benefits for yourself, too! Other thoughts: splurge-worthy headphones, new sheets, perfume & cologne, seasonal accessories.

Need more ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration!

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