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Fall is officially upon us. And between admiring the changing colors of the leaves and saying “so long” to the familiar warm days of summer, we’re gearing up for all things Fall. Think apple picking, finding the perfect pumpkin, filling your home with your favorite Halloween décor, baking apple crisps and pumpkin pies with your loved ones, and watching your children jump into piles of leaves after trading in the official summer uniform of shorts, tees and flops for jeans, sweaters and boots.
And though we may be an eyewear company for children, it doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about the latest Fall trends to complement your kiddo’s fashion-forward glasses. We’ve put together a few style tips for your child to make sure they continue to stay stylish and cool (but just warm enough) all Autumn long. Think of it as your Fall Fashion Guide 101 for your kids. 

Ditch the bright colors and embrace the Fall palette.

In the summer, we love putting our children in bright colors that correlate with the sunshine — cerulean blues, bright yellows or hot pinks. But for Autumn, choose colors that will blend in nicely with the color of the leaves – such as red, orange, dark yellow and evergreen. (Photo by The Party DIY)

    Make outerwear fashionable.

    Who said jackets and scarves have to put a hold on your child’s “fashionista” look? Just because Autumn weather calls for colder days doesn’t mean you need to hide your child’s style beneath the layers. Make their outerwear just as trendy as their day-to-day look. Think jean jackets, scarves, beanies or ponchos to top off your child’s outfit while making sure they stay warm as cooler days start to become more frequent. (Photo by Babies Fashion Life)

      Embrace sweater weather.

      Ever heard of the phrase, “sweater weather?” Well, Autumn is sweater weather! So load up your shopping cart with all things cozy – from patterned knits to solid wools to button downs, a sweater is a simple look that still offers tons of style. Accessorize with a scarf or vest and your child is set for the day -- a simple, yet effective outfit your child can throw on and head out the door. (Photo by The Berry

        Don't forget about the shoes.

        In the Summer, kids are busy running through sprinklers, playing with friends and neighbors, and eating as many popsicles they can get their hands on. The last thing on their mind is what kind of shoes they have on their feet. But come Autumn, footwear is just as important as the rest of the outfit. Trade out the flip-flops and sandals for closed-toed shoes. From boots, booties, sneakers and flats – there are a variety of shoes for your children to choose from that will go with any outfit while keeping their feet warm. (Photos by Zara & Babies Fashion Life)

        Fall essential add-ons.

        This Fall, it’s all about adding the perfect finishing touch to complete the look. Grab a scarf to polish an Autumn ensemble, or pair their tall patterned socks with boots. Try cuffing your child’s jeans, or throw on a hat to top it all off. Try a pair of patterned tights instead of the traditional black stockings, and look for corduroy pieces to mix in their wardrobe. Add some colored pants to their regular rotation of jeans, and don’t be afraid of layers. With these simple and quick Fall additions, your son or daughter will remain trendy while showing off their Fall style. (Photo by Where The Wild Kids Are)

         But all in all, whatever you choose to go with this Fall season, as long as you accessorize with a pair of our Jonas Paul Eyewear frames, your child is already fashionable enough!  

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