Fall Crafts We Love


 Whether you live in a state that has all four seasons or you live where there is sunshine and warm weather all year round, these crafts are guaranteed to get you in the Fall mood no matter where you are, so you can create lasting autumn memories with the whole family. 

 Choose one, two or all of these crafts to do with your children this weekend and you will be falling into fun in no time!

Carve Pumpkins – This is a classic Fall tradition! Have your child pick out the best pumpkin in the patch and create a jack-o-lantern to place outside on your doorstep.

Make Pumpkin Seeds – Wondering what to do with all those pumpkin seeds after carving? We suggest making them into a delicious treat! (Hint: These make a great snack to pack in your child’s school lunch). Check out the recipe on Food Network

Bake Cookies – Round up the kiddos and grab some Halloween cookie cutters, sprinkles and frosting to make this a delicious and fun activity for your whole household to enjoy. Check out a few cookie decorating tips on our Pinterest page.

Popsicle Stick Pumpkin – This is a super easy and creative craft (and perfect for a magnet decoration on your fridge). You just have to paint a bunch of popsicle sticks orange. Once dry, glue them together and paint on silly faces. (via Country Living)

Candy Corn Footprints – This is perfect activity to do with your children every Halloween season to see how much they've grown each year. All you need to do is paint the bottom of your child’s foot in the order of candy corn colors then stamp their foot on a sheet of paper. (via Evolving Motherhood).

Halloween Countdown Paper Chain – Children love counting down until the next holiday. Help them create a paper chain that gets them from now to Halloween, or make it extra long and create one for Thanksgiving. Whatever holiday they decide, grab the appropriate colors and begin. Hang it up in your child’s room, the kitchen, along the mantle, or another favorite spot and have your child rip off a piece of thechain each day. It’s a Fall decoration and activity in one! Check it out on Tinker Lab

Hand” Painted Trees – Who needs colorful trees when you can just make some at home? (okay... maybe you still do but these are too cute!) Paint the palm of your child’s hand brown and place on a piece of paper. From there, create a stem underneath the handprint and paint your child’s fingertips red, orange and yellow to stamp fall leaves around the branches. Check out more tips at All Kids Network.

Whatever activity you choose, have fun! And though some may cause a mess, the long-lasting memories you create will make any cleanup totally worth it. 

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