The importance of family time around the table

Happy Thanksgiving week! This is a week full of family and feasting. But before the week is really underway, we want to remind you to make sure you take some time to this week to really regroup with those we love around the foods we need. 

So, pull up a chair, grab a plate, and join our discussion on good nutrition and the invaluable significance of together-time around the table.

Research has confirmed what we’ve all long believed to be true about family dinners: they’re good for the body, brain, and the whole family.

According to Dr. Anne Fischel of The Family Dinner Project, regular meals around the table are linked to many positive behaviors in kids:

  • Lower rates of substance abuse and depression
  • Higher grade point averages and self-esteem.

Just from sharing a round of spaghetti together? You bet!

Studies also indicate that dinner conversation can be a more useful tool in boosting kids’ vocabulary than reading, and the stories you share with one another can help children build resilience. From childhood to adolescence and beyond, kids (and you!) benefit immensely from sharing time around the table. 

And it’s not just that you’re gathered around; it’s that you’re gathered around good food. Dr. Fischel adds that feeding your family nutritious food “not only makes your children healthier as they grow right now, but it encourages healthy eating once they are living on their own.”

So how can you grow kids who love healthy food? Make it as easy as possible for your family to connect over a meal, from the preparation to the cleanup to the conversation. A number of activities around creatively selecting food options with your kids can be found here

This week, we challenge you to invite your children to help select foods and prepare the big Thanksgiving meal. This encourages them a sense of ownership and pride in the process. 

We would love to see! Tag us in your photos at #jonaspauleyewear 

Happy and healthy eating to you & yours - and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

-the JPE team  

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