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Can you believe that it’s almost the last day of October? Unlike the end of other months, the last day of October is cause for celebration. Picture lots of candy, a whole lotta pumpkins, Hocus Pocus on repeat and every costume imaginable – a day otherwise known as Halloween. Fun for all ages, Halloween brings out the child in young and old alike. And though it’s a time full of laughter and fun, we want to make sure you are safe while enjoying the tricks and treats that Halloween brings! 

Whether your child is a trick-or-treat newbie or a seasoned pro who’s mapped out which houses have the full-size candy bars, it’s never a bad idea to freshen up on the best safety tips to ensure a spook-tacular Halloween. 

With pointers on costumes, trick-or-treating, and even handing out candy, we’ve come up with a list of tips from Kids Health and American Academy of Pediatrics to guarantee you a safe and happy Halloween. 

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For Costumes:

  • Since the sun sets so early this time of year, plan a costume for your son or daughter that is bright and reflective. Or, place reflective tape on your child’s costume to make them more visible to cars. (Extra Tip: Glowsticks work great, too!)
  • If your child’s costume involves a wig or beard, make sure that it doesn’t cover their eyes, nose or mouth. (Extra Tip: Double check and see if these accessories are flame resistant!)
  • Instead of a mask, use face paint or makeup as this makes it easier for kids to see and breathe.
  • Somewhere on your child’s costume, place a name tag and phone number, in case of any emergency.

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 For Trick-Or-Treating:

  • Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult.
  • If your child is trick-or-treating with friends this year, make sure they stay in a group and you are aware of which route they will be adventuring on.
  • Stick to your own neighborhood and the homes of people you know.
  • Hold your child's hand before you cross the road while looking both ways for traffic. 
  • Pack a flashlight as it may become too dark to see the path ahead of you. 
  • Have your child wear comfortable shoes (and yourself, too) as you will be walking around for a long period of time!
  • Stay on the sidewalks. If there aren't any sidewalks in your neighborhood, walk in a single file on the left side of the road facing the traffic. 


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If you are handing out candy:

  • Remove anything on your front porch that may cause visitors to trip or fall.
  • Make sure a porch light is on at your house.
  • Please keep an eye on your pets (if you have any) and restrain them from jumping or biting on any children present.
  • If it has unfortunately snowed near you, create a clear path for the trick-or-treaters to follow.

Whatever activity you choose to do this year, we hope you stay safe and remember these tips!

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