How to Celebrate November the Right Way


Can you believe that it’s already November? Where did the time go! Department stores have already put up their holiday decorations and this could throw you off into thinking that you are behind! But, let us not forget that November is the last month of Autumn and though you may be itching to go pick out a Christmas tree, have already begun the shopping process and are listening to Christmas music everywhere you go – just a reminder, we still have another holiday we can’t forget about! Thanksgiving.

We understand that Thanksgiving may not take much preparation, (or at least not as much as Christmas does), but November is a month to give thanks and there are still quite a few activities we can do to show we are thankful AND to embrace the last few weeks before snow hits the ground.

 -Pumpkin Bread: Do you still have a can of pumpkin puree left over? Whip up a delicious batch of pumpkin bread for the whole house to enjoy before we switch over from the season of pumpkin to the season of peppermint flavors. Click here for the full recipe courtesy of Once Upon a Chef.


-Halloween Candy Treat: If your child went trick-or-treating this past Halloween, then they probably have a lot of left over candy! Instead of watching them sneak 10 pieces each night (and to save yourself from eating them, too) make them into a delicious dessert! With all the M&M’s that I’m sure your child received this year, try out this M&Ms Oat Bar recipe! 


-Thank You Cards: November is the month where we give thanks. To teach your children the importance of this month, grab a bunch of ‘thank-you’ cards and have your child personally write thank-you letters to people they appreciate - teachers, friends, parents, etc. These letters will be priceless and is great way for them to learn more about gratitude and what this month is truly all about. (Photo from Thrifty Sue)


-Hand Turkey Craft: There may not be many Thanksgiving decorations around the house as you anticipate the month of Christmas so why not get crafty with your children and create this simple, yet adorable Thanksgiving decoration. With a little paint and a plain sheet of paper, you have a perfect decoration to place around the house! (Photo from DIY Home Sweet Home)


-Tell a Story: Your children may not understand the importance of Thanksgiving and what it actually means, so share the story with them! Let me them understand the true meaning before they get wrapped up in the thought of Christmas and Santa Claus. For a refresher, All About History is a great source! (Photo from Family Strengthening Network)

What will you do this November? Share with us letting us know how you will spend your last few weeks of Fall. 

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