Feast to Thanksgiving


When you hear the word, “Thanksgiving,” what do you think of? Pumpkin pie, turkey, football, family, giving thanks, or all the above? Thanksgiving holds a lot of meanings but the one thing they all have in common is: family. Family is the basis of Thanksgiving. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you fall asleep, you want to cherish each moment of this special holiday with the ones you love. Your children are home from school, the parents don’t have to work and relatives are coming in to town. Make the most of this day and celebrate Thanksgiving all day long.

Start with Breakfast

When the whole family is awake, whip up a batch of pancakes and make them festive for the kids and turn them into turkey’s! A fun, delicious way to start the day off right. 

What You’ll Need:

-Pancake mix
-Assorted Fruit
-Chocolate Chips

Once the pancakes are formed, create your turkey like the picture above! (Recipe via The Joys of Boys)

Giving Thanks

Breakfast is over, you’re finishing up last minute food-prep, getting the whole family ready and you’re off to Thanksgiving celebrations with relatives. Appetizers are on the table, turkey is cooking in the oven and laughter fills the room. Family is crowded around the television watching football when someone finally yells “Dinner Time” and it’s time to eat. Before everyone grabs a plate, recommend going around the room and have everyone say something they are thankful for. This is a good reminder about what Thanksgiving is all about and a great lesson for your children! Once finished, you may proceed to filling up your plate with all the delicious Thanksgiving food. (Photo from Huffington Post)

Family Activity

After getting seconds (maybe thirds), you are stuffed! (No pun intended). Rally up some family members and play a quick game of football! Fun way to spend time with relatives you may not see as often and a great way to be outdoors and stay active! (Photo from Cheat Sheet)

Dessert Time

Football is over, it’s time for treats because what’s a holiday without dessert? Besides the pumpkin pie, banana bread and assortments of cookies – make something different. Something your kids can help you prepare. Try out this recipe below!

What You’ll Need:

-Cupcake mix
-Chocolate frosting
-Hershey Kisses
-White chocolate chips
-Candy Corn

Create these adorable turkey cupcakes with your children to bring over to your families house! Cupcakes are the new pumpkin pie… maybe. (Recipe via Your Cup of Cake)

Watch a Movie

The day is coming to an end. Family members are heading home, your children have tired eyes and the food has been put away. Before Thanksgiving is truly over and we all get wrapped up in Christmas celebrations, watch a movie with your family. “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is always a classic! Or for all those FRIEND lovers out there, you can never go wrong with watching a couple of Friend’s Thanksgiving episodes. Enjoy this peaceful moment and look back on your day with a smile. (Photo via Natpe)

We hope that whatever traditions or activities you have planned for Thanksgiving, they are spent with family!

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