Beginner's Guide to Winter Fashion


Whether you have encountered your first snowfall of the year or first snowfall ever... this only means one thing: Winter is officially here.

And while you may be the one scraping off the ice from your car as your child is sitting in the nicely heated vehicle, you still worry more about your child staying warm more than you do yourself. If this is the case, a quick tip is to dress them how you would dress yourselves: with layers! And no we aren’t saying dress them with as many layers as Randy from “The Christmas Story” to the point they can’t put their arms down! Just the right amount of layers to keep them warm.

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If your child may be too young to dress themselves or old enough where they want the responsibility of choosing their own outfit for the day – with these quick tips, we are able to help you and your children pick out the perfect ensemble for every winter activity, while keeping the one goal in mind: warmth.

Follow along for simple tips on how to stay warm this winter. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro of this cold weather, it never hurts to freshen up on these quick tips! 

Everyday Necessities:

First, you want to start with the basic necessities of everyday outerwear - Scarfs, mittens, boots and hats. Have your child throw on any of these accessories whenever they can – getting the mail, letting the dog outside or even taking the trash out to the curb. These little reminders will help them in the future as well when they become independent, but for now, try and keep extras in your car incase your little one forgets for all your on-the-go activities. 

Quick Fashion Tip: Instead of purchasing all the accessories at different times, purchase a set that includes a hat, scarf and mittens all in one bundle. This way, all the accessories will match one another! 

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Winter Sports/Recess:

If your children are still at the age they have recess at school or enjoy playing in the snow in their free time, make sure they have all the proper items to stay warm! From snow pants to puffy jackets to boots – these are all a necessity when being outdoors for a long period of time, and it’s as simple as that. They don’t need layers of bulky winter apparel to the point they aren’t even able to run around in the snow! As long as they are dressed properly, they will be warm. Once playtime is over and they are in for the night, whip up a delicious batch of hot chocolate as you sit next to the fire while watching movies. 

Quick Fashion Tip: Purchase a pair of black snow pants – as these will match whatever color of your son or daughter’s winter jacket

Family Gatherings: With Christmas comes a lot of holiday gatherings with relatives. You don’t want to bundle your children up in snow pants, heavy winter jackets, snow boots, etc. when they will take off all these items within minutes when they walk through the doorway. Instead, dress them up in a fancier, lightweight jacket, throw on a hat and scarf and pack the rest of the heavy duty winter gear in your car (just incase if they do decide to go play outside later on in the night).

Quick Fashion Tip: A perfect jacket for children to wear for holiday gatherings is a peacoat - as these maintain that warm, yet fashionable look.

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Holiday Shopping: When you’re on the go, it’s hard to dress for the weather. You don’t know if you should dress for the temperature outside or inside. It may be cold outside and you want to bundle up but then as you are looking around in a store, you begin to become warm and before you take off your jacket, your child is taking off theirs asking if you can hold it. Before this scenario occurs, dress for “in-between” weather. Yes, that is a thing. Dress your child in a pair of pants, boots, sweater and instead of grabbing their winter jacket with several layers, choose a puffy vest. This will keep them warm enough for the walk to and from the car and will keep them satisfied while in the store.

Quick Fashion Tip: To ensure extra warmth and make sure your child doesn’t overheat at the store and rip off all the layers, have them wear a scarf and hat to complement the look.

Winter can be fun if you dress for it properly! With these quick reminders, we are positive you are on the road to a warm and fun holiday season! 

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