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For some, the holidays mean celebrating; for others, surviving. Some look upon the lights and carols and garland and glitter as symbols of the sweetest season, while others watch with disdain, apathy, or both. And for most of us, the holidays are just plain loud. Between family and friends and shopping and traditions, it can be hard for a meaningful moment to get in edgewise. Whether you’re feeling excitement, anxiety or both, it can all leave one feeling rather breathless.

But breathless isn’t how we should be feeling, right? Religious and cultural traditions alike recognize this season as a time to kindle in our hearts the warmth and goodwill that envelops us all. So to remind ourselves of that very meaning, we gathered our favorite yuletide advice to share with you & yours. So grab your littles and your bigs, your hot cocoa and your pie, and join with us in celebrating this season to the full.

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 1. A little time with family goes a long way.

When we read this advice from Sophia Dembling at The Quiet Revolution, we all let out a little sigh of relief. Because when you have kids to care for, parties to attend, work to do, and sleep to be slept, all you really need is someone to say “No pressure. Leave when you have to.” So this is us saying exactly that. A little time with family goes a long way. Leave when you have to!

2. Skip Santa.

For several reasons (kindly listed here) the Santa-in-the-mall situation can backfire for kids and parents both. Do one another a favor and don’t force it. There are plenty of other ways to make memories together during this season, most of them unrelated to shopping malls or sitting in strangers’ laps.

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3. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

...Nor a child, parent, pet, or otherwise! Some of our favorite (and, admittedly, toughest) advice is to sleep more during this busy and bustling season. Take advantage of time off and don’t overbook yourself or your family; instead, encourage daily activities for you & the kids, ensuring happy household exhaustion by the evenings. Plus, slowing down in the evenings gives you time to take in the glow of twinkling lights, warm fires and the best holiday movies.

4. Little moments make for long-lasting memories.

Making holiday memories doesn’t have to be all sparkle and spice (though that kind is fun, too). Small, meaningful traditions that your family can craft and keep are just as important. Some of our favorites? Hot chocolate and donuts on Saturday mornings. A walk around the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights. Baking and decorating cookies. A Secret Santa gift exchange. Reading The Polar Express.

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In summary, this mantra from author Shauna Niequist says it all: More love, less hustle. We hope this advice inspires you to approach the holidays with a slower, more meaningful step. Do you have yuletide advice that would help keep the season merry & bright? We’d love to hear it!

Happy holidays to you & yours!

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