Find the Perfect Pair this Christmas


Nothing quite makes your day like seeing your child’s smiling face, especially on Christmas morning after Santa has just arrived! And if you are thinking about purchasing a pair of our frames to place under the Christmas tree this year for your little one, then read on because this is our Holiday Gift Guide to finding the perfect frame for your son or daughter!

When you begin the search for the perfect pair of kids’ glasses, it’s best to find frames that compliment, not contradict, that cute face of theirs. And these days, with more frame styles to choose from than there are toys on your child’s Christmas list, navigating the sea of children’s eyewear options can give way to rough waters if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of specs, it’s all about understanding face shape. And if geometry wasn’t your forte back in middle school, don’t sweat it. Decoding your kiddo’s bone structure is an easy way to find frames that flatter their face shape. So before setting forth to purchasing a pair to place under the Christmas tree, we recommend hunkering down for a little bit of geometry homework.


If your son or daughter’s face is longer than it is wide and set with a soft jaw, they’re likely rocking an oval face shape. Their cute little chin is ever-so-slightly more narrow than their forehead with rounded angles all around. With its innate balance and symmetry, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a frame that doesn’t look good on this face shape. That said, our favorite pairs for oval faces tend to contrast the shape’s naturally soft structure. Go for bold shapes and fun textures – we’re thinking the Barbara frames in black or tortoise for girls or the Benjamin frames for boys. The thicker stroke of these angular glasses will bring definition and quirk to their softer angles.


A broad forehead that narrows down the jawline to a small, defined chin characterizes the heart-shaped face. With higher cheekbones that taper down to a rounded point, heart-shaped faces are best paired with thinner frames that are oval or rounded to bring balance to the width of the forehead – think the Paul frames for boys or the Paige frames for girls. With their delicate design and sweeping curves, these frames will bring softness to heart-shaped faces for a look that’s totally them.


For circular faces that are equal in length and width, also called round face shapes, we recommend bolder frames with angular, geometric elements. Adding angles will bring definition to faces whose soft features (and cheeks you can’t help but pinch!) create a circular structure. Try the Ainsley frames for girls or the Albert frames for boys. The mock aviator style and double bridge will bring a contrast that complements the softness of your child’s features.


Faces with strong, well-defined angles in the forehead and jawline are characterized as square. Like round faces, a square face shape features a forehead and jawline that are nearly equal in width. The difference is all in the angles – square faces are marked with a strong, prominent jawline and defined chin while round faces are more soft and rotund. And while it was all about square frames and angles for round face shapes, square face shapes are best complemented by circular or oval frames. The Ruth glasses for girls and the Ryan frames for boys are great options for square faces. With a shape defined by its softness and a slight crest at the brow, these frames will bring a zen-like balance to your child’s angular facial structure.

Whether it’s oval, heart, round or square, your child’s face is wonderfully unique. We believe that the glasses your little one chooses should accentuate their adorable features, not mask them. Why hide their defining characteristics behind glasses that cover up their awesome eyebrows, or de-emphasize their strong jawline? Frames should celebrate each and every detail that makes your child special. And by understanding their face shape, a little bit of geometry can go a long way to help you and your kiddo ace the search for the perfect pair of glasses. We hope you find the perfect pair this Christmas! 

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