New Year, New You


A new year, a new you. We’ve all heard the refrain. By most of us, New Year’s Day is deemed to be a fresh start, a new beginning, and a time to set new goals that lead us to becoming the healthiest, happiest version of ourselves. While aspiring to be a better you is always admirable, sometimes working towards a meaningful goal is best done in good company. We’re talking your unique, adorable, and incredibly awesome family.

This year, try setting New Year’s resolutions as a household and working towards those shared goals together throughout the year. Having a team of people to keep you on track makes goals easier to keep, and it makes for a fun, fairly painless way to make 2016 your family’s best year ever. So before the final echoes of Auld Lang Syne fade from your eardrums, read some of our favorite ideas for fun New Year’s resolutions you can set as a family.

Read More. If your family is like most families, you probably already read together on a semi-regular basis. This year, try bringing your household reading routine to the next level. Whether you resolve to spend thirty minutes reading every day or make a goal to visit the local library once a week, adding reading to your list of New Year’s resolutions is a great way to connect with your kids while encouraging their phonics skills and reading comprehension.

Unplug. Technology is an integral part of the modern family’s day-to-day routine. Where would we be without our smart phones to guide us when we take a wrong turn, or tablets to help calm down little ones on the verge of a tantrum? While technology certainly makes many unsavory aspects of life more manageable, unplugging from our devices can be a refreshing change for everyone in the family. Whether it’s once a month or once a week, try turning off all electronics to carve out space for some quality family time. Trade in TV’s, tablets, video games, and smart phones for board games, science experiments, and family crafts. Making more room for device-free family time opens up the door for more face-to-face conversation and helps cultivate lasting bonds between you and your kids. 

Give Back. Volunteering once a month (or more) is a great goal to set together as a family. Giving back to the community can help kids learn the importance of helping others while also helping them develop a sense of social consciousness. Plus, you’ll all have a great time together helping others as a family. Look into local food banks or animal shelters to get the wheels turning, or simply head to the local beach or community park with a trash bag and spend some time picking up litter. Making a New Year’s resolution to give back is a great goal that your family can work on throughout the year.

Subscribe. This year, resolve to continue your child’s education beyond the classroom by signing up for a magazine, box or podcast subscription. Try a new child-focused magazine, like Highlights or National Geographic Kids, or a new, kid-friendly podcast like Brains On or Sparkle Stories. Regularly receiving a new magazine or podcast means there’s a new surprise for your kids to enjoy time and time again throughout the entire year. Want something more hands-on? Try looking into a box subscription made specifically for kids, like Kidstir or Kiwi Crate. Signing up for any one (or more) of these subscriptions makes sticking to a resolution both fun and easy – plus, kids will love anticipating what’s coming up next.

Explore. Try getting out of the house for intentional family outings (and we’re not talking the local grocery store). One or two times a month, head out for a family day at the nearest museum, movie theater, or zoo. Looking for a more active family outing? Try lacing up the hiking books and exploring a new park or trail, or trek to the closest ice rink for an open skate session. Setting a goal to explore and try new activities as a family will make for lasting memories that you’ll remember far beyond the next NYE.

No matter what you and your family resolve to do in 2016, we’re certain it’s going to be your best year ever. Here’s to a year filled with more smiles, laughter and memories that bring the whole family just a little bit closer together. 

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