#BuySightGiveSight impact in 2015

As many of you may know, Jonas Paul Eyewear was inspired by co-founders, Ben and Laura Harrison, as they were on a mission to find stylish kids glasses for their visually impaired son, Jonas. They noticed upon searching that there were limited choices for children's glasses and decided to create a company that not only provides fashion-forward eyewear for their child, but also gives back to those in need of corrective eye surgery or a pair of glasses where these options may not be available. 


"You see, in a developing country, when you go blind, your eyesight is just the first thing you lose. Some say it is like dying with your eyes open.” - 20x20x20

"Each year, an estimated half a million children go blind, of whom up to 60% die in childhood."World Health Organization


Ben and Laura remember how helpless they felt when their son was born blind and they actually had access to doctors who can provide Jonas the potential for sight. They knew they wanted to pass this blessing along to those who didn’t have access to these doctors with their #BuySightGiveSight program.

Jonas Paul Eyewear has partnered with Restoring Vision and CBM International to bring vision to a person in need either through corrective surgery or by providing prescriptions glasses to children in need.

As 2015 has ended, we wanted to let you all know the impact that you have made to Restoring Vision and CBM International simply by making a purchase at Jonas Paul Eyewear.


Impact from 2015 :
11,428 pairs of eyeglasses donated through RestoringVision.org
15 cataract surgeries for kids through CBM International ($200/surgery as it requires anesthesia)
1,500 children will receive Mectizan, so he/she won’t go blind from river blindness

12,943 Total number of children impacted through #BuySightGiveSight!

Thank You for your impact this year and we can’t wait to see what 2016 will provide! 

About Jonas Paul Eyewear

At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we design affordable glasses for kids with the right amount of style—something nearly impossible to find before we began. We also deliver right to your door. With seven trial pairs to a box, kids can try out different styles from the comfort of home. With frames plus lenses starting at just $79, you can style responsibly. You can also make an impact knowing a portion of each sale goes toward preventing childhood blindness around the world.


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