Introducing NerdWax

Are you tired of having your glasses continuously fall from your face?

Do you lose track of how many times throughout the day you push your glasses up from the tip of your nose back to the appropriate location?

If this sounds like you, or you have noticed your child constantly performing this move throughout the day, then we have the perfect solution.

We are excited to announce that Jonas Paul Eyewear will be teaming up with NerdWax to provide some sanity back in your life for you and your children. By visiting us at Jonas Paul Eyewear, you will have the option to add a tube of NerdWax to your shopping cart. For only $10, you or your child are guaranteed a slip-free day!

What is NerdWax?

NerdWax is a beeswax-based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients specifically formulated to keep your glasses in place so you can continue on living your life. Find out more about the product here!

Not sold? Here are our top FIVE reasons why we love this product, and so should YOU: 

  1. Kids are Active: It’s inevitable. How many times a day are your kids running around and you think to yourself, “I hope their glasses don’t fall off!” We’ve all been there and we all want to worry less about the worst possible scenario of your child's glasses falling off and breaking. To avoid this scenario, by applying NerdWax on your kid’s frames, you are guaranteed less stress and more play.
  1. Using NerdWax is Simple:


  1. All Natural Ingredients: Because NerdWax will be going on your child’s face, we love how the product consists of all natural, certified organic products. Perfect for all skin types!
  1. Perfect for Kid’s Faces: If your child wears glasses, chances are your little one’s noses don’t have much of a bridge just yet. Applying NerdWax to their frames ensures that their glasses will “hang on” as they go about their day.
  1. The Size: We love how it’s not a big tube that you have to carry around with you all day! With a comparable size to any lip mostiurizer, NerdWax is a perfect travel companion everywhere you go. (Just make sure not to mistake it for your chapstick!)
“A product you never knew needed but can’t imagine life without it.”
– Don Hejny, Founder of NerdWax.

 Give it a try today!

About Jonas Paul Eyewear

At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we design affordable glasses for kids with the right amount of style—something nearly impossible to find before we began. We also deliver right to your door. With seven trial pairs to a box, kids can try out different styles from the comfort of home. With frames plus lenses starting at just $79, you can style responsibly. You can also make an impact knowing a portion of each sale goes toward preventing childhood blindness around the world.


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