Finding the Perfect Frame for Every Shape


Nothing quite makes your day like seeing your child’s smiling face. With mom’s eyes, dad’s nose, and hair that’s always adorably unruly, your little one is absolutely perfect. So when you begin the search for the perfect pair of kids’ glasses, it’s best to find frames that compliment, not contradict, their faces. 

And it all starts with understanding glasses frames face shape. 


With balanced proportions, high cheekbones, and a chin that is slightly narrower than your forehead, Everyday Health states, "glasses with round edges won't overwhelm your features." If your child has an oval shaped face, think about ordering our Ryan // Ruth or Paul // Paige frame. 


A wide forehead that narrows down the jawline to a small, defined chin characterizes the heart-shaped face. With higher cheekbones that taper down to a rounded point, look for square or rectangular-shaped frames. We recommend ordering our Miles // Maddie frames. 


For circular faces that are equal in length and width, also called round face shapes, we recommend bolder frames with angular, geometric elements. Adding angles will bring definition to faces whose soft features create a circular structure. Take a look at our Jonas // Joyce frame for your kiddo's who have more of a rounded face.  


With strong jawlines, broad forehead, and wide chin and cheekbones, Everyday Health recommends to opt for a slightly curved and narrow style, similar to our Edward // Elsie frames. 


If you are still unsure which style to purchase for your child, we recommend ordering our home try-on kit where our five styles will be sent right to your front door and you and your child will have the opportunity to try on all the frames in the comfort of your own home and decide which pair looks best for your child - even though, we are pretty sure every style would! :)

Discover our eyeglass frames for kids, and don't forget to tag us with your kiddo's wearing our frames!


-the Jonas Paul Eyewear team  

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