What are key tips for my child in glasses?


Parent's share their tips to keeping their child's frames safe

We did some research and asked parents what are some "kep tips" they use for their children that wear glasses

Read all of them below!

- Attach a bedside caddy, so they have a place to leave their glasses at night

- Face or Case : if their frame is not on their face, then it should be in their case. Sometimes a short rhyme can go a long way!

- Silicone Nose Pads - children with flatter nose pads, these are the best options! On Amazon you can buy a multipack for less than $5. They add a little “stickiness” to the nose pad to keep those glasses upright!

- Have your child apart of the process of choosing their glasses. Have them pick out the glasses so you know they love them! Start with our home try-on kit. Kids have been loving this process!

"The home try-on kit makes finding the perfect pair of glasses for a child so easy! My kids all love trying on the different frames and they can't wait to get their new pair of eyeglasses."

- For the younger kids, create a reward system

- Highlight characters on television or superheroes that wear glasses

"My daughter loves PJ Masks and one of the characters wears glasses so we would constantly praise her for putting them on and telling her she looked like Owlette from PJ Masks!"

- Give them small responsibilities and praise them when they succeed

- Morning and night, make it their responsibility to put on and take off their glasses and put them away in the case

Any other tips you have? Let us know!

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