How to adjust Jonas Paul Eyewear Kids Glasses


We balance every kids eyeglass frame before shipping them out but sometimes the temple arms can bow out slightly due to either the shape of the prescription lenses (as some tend to flatten out the frame) or due to the frames shipping snug in their case.

adjusting kids glasses

There are two easy adjustments to make to ensure a snug fit on your child's face :

1. Use our adjustable temple arms. This is the quickest and easiest fix for frames that slide down little noses as it helps to hold the frame on your child's face. You can see how to adjust the temple arms on our kids glasses here.


2. You can use a hairdryer to heat up the bridge of the the glasses and straighten out the "bowing" temple arms.

- First, use a hair dryer to heat up the bridge of the glasses.  Set the hair dryer on a low heat setting and hold it about 5 inches away from the frame for about 15 seconds (so you don't run the risk of melting the frame).

heat adjustment on kids glasses

 - Second, bend the bridge of the frame slowly and gently to straighten out the temple arms


- Third, run cold water on the bridge to reset the acetate in the new position.





And you are all set!


Note : you can use these steps again in the future to make adjustments to your child's glasses as they wear them (as natural stretching will occur).



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