How To: Manage Work-Life Balance

Your maternity leave is coming to an end and you are about head back to work. A flood of emotions come swarming towards you and you begin to question if this is the right approach.

Should I go back to work? Am I a terrible mother if I do? How do I create a work-life balance? 

While we start to feel overwhelmed, it's important to remember that you are not alone. 

We have rounded up a few our favorite articles about creating a work-life balance that is easy(ier) to manage, won't make you feel guilty, and helps you create time for date night & family activities. 

It Will All Work Out. 

We love the article from Parents about whether or not work-life balance for moms is BS. They state, "While we definitely have our moments where we think that we’re barely keeping the boat afloat—incredibly, we still feel pretty optimistic that somehow, some way it will all work out." It just has to, right? 

Be 100% Wherever You Are.

Great article by Working Moms Against Guilt discusses 8 essential tips every mom needs for a work-life balance. One tip they share is to be 100% at work (and 100% at home). "The best remedy is to develop routines and habits that allow you to be as efficient as possible while you’re still in the office so that none of the work carries into your home."

Do Not Feel Guilty.

Another article from Parents discusses 10 ways Moms can balance work and family. One being - Get rid of the guilt. "Rather than dwell on how you're not with your child, think about how your role in the company is benefitting the family." 

You're Not Alone.

The Muse posts an article from a working mom herself & how she finds balance. A piece of advice she gives? Connect with other working moms. "These women understand the emotions and challenges that come from balancing working and parenting."

We hope that these articles will help you find some balance and remember, you are not alone. Sure, everyday won't be perfect but it's important to remember that "It's okay to not do it all." (PC via @lovelyindeed)

-the Jonas Paul Eyewear team

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