Raising Confident Children

Seeing your child grow up and build independence can be such a hard adjustment for us parents. One day they are needing our full attention and the next they are texting us (yes, texting!) their plans for the night. 

Though they may not need us as much as they once did, you have to remember that them requiring less attention is a good sign because you raised them to be independent and confident. 

And confidence is such an important trait to develop, especially at a young age. But how do we raise our children to be confident without falling into the fear of trying too hard or not enough? 

Well we have done our research and we are sharing a few tips on raising confident children.

  • Lessen the compliments: Parent Magazine states, “Your child can get so accustomed to hearing “Good job!” that he or she may have a hard time realizing when his accomplishments are worth celebrating.” Though it’s important to encourage your children, there is a fine line between encouraging just enough or too much where they will continuously expect this type of gratification.
  • Let them Fail: Kids Health states, “Give kids the opportunity to try something new, make mistakes and learn from them.” In time they will learn to overcome these obstacles on their own and will become more confident because of it.
  • Give Them a Task: Ask your child to help set the table, wash dishes, clean their room, etc. By letting them accomplish these chores, you are allowing them to demonstrate their competence and your son or daughter will feel that their contribution is valuable. (Article from Todays Parents). 
  • Be a Positive Role Model: Children learn best while mirroring their parents. If you are constantly criticizing yourself and putting yourself down, your children will feel that is how to behave and begin to imitate this trait as well. Reflect a positive, confident image and they will, too.
  • Engage with Them: When your child asks you to play, try your best to really be there. If you are playing with your child, but your mind is focused elsewhere, your child will think that you have lost interest, which will in turn make them feel that they are not important. Ask Dr. Sears states, "What may seem like a meaningless activity to you, means a lot to your baby.” So set aside some time with them and make sure you are really present. 

At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we are constantly encouraging parents to be building self esteem in children - especially through eyewear. Growing up and becoming confident is already a hard enough task to take on, wearing glasses that increase our self-esteem shouldn’t be. Through our company, we hope to inspire confidence each & everyday through each pair of glasses a child places on their perfect face. 

-the Jonas Paul Eyewear team

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