Warranty POLICY

 Jonas Paul Eyewear glasses are made of the highest quality custom cellulose acetate and high quality lenses but please keep in mind they are not indestructible. We emphasize to all of our customers the importance of educating their children in taking special care of their eyewear.

With that said, we understand kids are kids and therefore they have a tendency to break things!

prescription orders

Once Jonas Paul Eyewear fills prescription lenses into a frame that order is then considered a custom order and we do not accept returns. 

If our lab made a mistake with the prescription we will replace the frames or redo the prescription at no charge.  

30 day warranty

  • We will provide a one-time replacement within 30 days of delivery date due to: manufacturer defects (ie warping, broken hinges, cracked acetate), damages or scratched lenses.
  • The prescription must be the same as the original order.  

6 month warranty

  • We will provide you a one-time replacement pair of prescription glasses at 50% off (frame and lenses).  
  • The prescription must be the same as the original order. 

1 year Normal-use lens warranty

  • If you purchased a lens upgrade with a 1 year warranty we will replace lenses scratched under “Normal Use” one time for a small service fee of $15.99 (plus S/H). 
  • “Normal Use” scratches are defined as those that can been seen but not felt (scratches in just the coating of the lens, not the lens itself). Lenses that were damaged from an accident and have deep scratches, gouges or teeth marks will not be covered under the “Normal Use” warranty. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove scratches covered under “Normal Use” upon inspection of the returned eyeglasses.

prescription change warranty-  8 weeks

  • If your child's prescription changes within 8 weeks of your order date, we have two options for you to choose from : 
  1. We can offer you a one-time discount of 50% off to purchase a new pair of glasses. You can then keep your original pair as a back-up.
  2. We can provide you one-time replacement lenses with the updated prescription in your existing frame.  The fee will be based on the prescription and the lens type/upgrade selected.

With either option listed above, Customer must provide Jonas Paul Eyewear a copy of a new prescription showing that the office visit is within 8 weeks of the original order date. 

non-PRESCRIPTION (frame only) ORDERS


  • We will provide a one-time replacement of your non-prescription frame within 30 days of delivery date due to: manufacturer defects (ie warping, broken hinges, cracked acetate) or damages.


  • We will provide you a one-time replacement pair of non-prescription (frame only) glasses at 50% off.  

replacement procedure

To take advantage of our warranty program please send an email to  service@jonaspauleyewear.com with the following information:

  1. Order number or name/email used to place the original order
  2.  Photo(s) to show proof that the frame and/or lenses has been damaged 

For shipping insurance reasons, Customer is responsible for shipping costs of your damaged glasses to us (for eyeglasses being submitted for warranty repairs).  We suggest using a shipping method with delivery confirmation as Jonas Paul Eyewear is not responsible for return packages lost in transit.  

Please ship your return to us at : Jonas Paul Eyewear, 1422 Wealthy Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

If you have any other questions regarding our warranty, service fee and returns policy, please email us at service@jonaspauleyewear.com.