Ultra Light, Ultra-Thin Lens Pair + Premium Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflective Coating with 1 year warranty - Jonas Paul Eyewear

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Have a high prescription?

  • Our Ultra-Light, Ultra-Thin lens ensures you get the highest optical clarity and thinnest lens, eliminating the "bug eye" effect with higher prescriptions and ensuring your child's glasses are lightweight and comfortable (100% UV protection & Premium Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflective coating included).
  • 1 year "Normal Use" lens warranty
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any prescriptions with SPH value of +3.00 or greater or -5.00 or less
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for CYL value +2.00 or greater or -2.00 or less

*Our lab will use an Aspheric lens or High Index lens depending on which will provide the best visual clarity and thinnest, lightest result.

*Some high prescriptions may have an additional $29.00 or $49.00 fee for custom lenses, we will contact you if this is required for your order.