Ghosts, goblins, and... glasses?


Spooky decorations, candy and costumes lie around every corner, which can mean only one thing – Halloween is quickly approaching. And if you are struggling to find the perfect costume that your child can feel confident in while wearing glasses, we are here to help. We have put together a list of possible outfit ideas for your son or daughter that not only recommend glasses with the costume, but actually require them to complete the overall look. Take a peek below!

Harry Potter – Though your child may not have grown up in the Harry Potter era, we’re willing to bet two chocolate frogs that they know who he is! Known for his glasses and infamous lightning bolt scar, this Harry Potter costume is a crowd favorite, and a chance for your child to be a famous wizard for the night. (Photo from Nikki Pullen)

Minion – If you and your child have seen Despicable Me, then you know just how cute the little minions are. Your kiddo’s glasses can be used as the goggles – leaving only overalls and a yellow tee to complete this adorable look. (Photo from One Creative Housewife)

Carl Frederickson from UP – If you are familiar with the Pixar film, UP, then you will know exactly which character we are talking about. With a sweater and khakis, glasses (of course), and a few balloons for the final accessory, your child will be set for the night. Neighbors will be beaming from cheek-to-cheek when they see your little one walk up to the door yelling trick-or-treat. (Photo from Good Housekeeping)

Audrey Hepburn – Did someone say, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” If you have a pair of our sunglasses, then these will be a perfect accessory to complete the popular Audrey Hepburn look.  (Photo from eHow)

Where’s Waldo – This is a simple but adorable costume. With a red and white striped tee, blue pants and your child’s stylish glasses, a popular phrase for the night won’t be “Where’s Waldo” but instead, “How cute is Waldo?!” Shop Buy Costumes for the complete look!

Mad Scientist – Who doesn’t want to be a scientist when they are young? Though the name may be “mad,” you won’t be able to see past how adorable your son or daughter looks as they get ready to roam the neighborhood in their lab coat. (Photo from Instructables)

    Glasses or not, no matter what costume your child decides to wear, they have every right to feel confident and adorable! Halloween is a time full of laughter and fun as you watch your child run door-to-door yelling trick-or-treat. Dress them up in a costume that they can look back on fondly – because at the end of the day, that’s all the matters.

    (…and how much candy they share with you).


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