Have FSA or HSA dollars to spend? Use ‘em before you lose ‘em!

We’re all about being smart with your money - FSA and HSA dollars included!

Feel even better about purchasing that new pair of kids or teens glasses by putting your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to good use. That’ll make this your most stylish AND most responsible purchase yet.

FAQs about FSA & HSA

What are FSAs and HSAs?

Flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) are accounts that you can contribute money into pre-tax and use specifically to pay for health-related expenses. These expenses include things such as some medications, copays, and eyeglasses!

An FSA is set up by an employer and unused funds typically expire at the end of the year. An HSA is set up and managed by the individual, and unused funds roll over into the next year. We’d recommend checking with your account provider to learn more of the nitty gritty details, though, as some accounts may be slightly different than others.

How can I order using my FSA or HSA?

That’s easy! Rather than inputting your credit or debit card information at checkout, you’ll input the details from your FSA or HSA card. As long as there are sufficient funds in your account, there shouldn’t be any issues of the payment going through. Aside from entering that card information, everything else will be the exact same as if you were ordering with a standard credit or debit card.

What can I purchase from Jonas Paul Eyewear using my FSA or HSA?

The short answer: pretty much everything! We’d recommend confirming with your provider regarding the exact details of your account, but you should be able to pay for our frames, prescription lenses (even prescription sunglasses!), and everything in between with your FSA or HSA.

How long do I have to place an order using my FSA or HSA?

If you have an HSA, those dollars never expire! This means that as long as you have sufficient funds in your account, placing an order for your kids’ glasses at any time will be easy peasy.

If you have an FSA, be sure to order anytime before December 31st at 11:59pm, as that is likely when your FSA dollars will expire. Make sure you use ‘em before you lose ‘em!

Note: We always recommend ordering our Home Try-On Kit so you can try on the glasses at home before ordering as prescription. Because this extra step adds a tiny bit of time to the process, make sure you give yourself enough time to try on the glasses, decide on your favorite pair, AND order before your funds expire!

Is insurance the same as an FSA or HSA?

Nope, they are different! If you have insurance, we unfortunately cannot accept that directly. However, you can email orders@jonaspauleyewear.com requesting an itemized receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.