Halloween Costumes with Glasses

Halloween Costumes with Glasses

Still looking for costume ideas for your kiddo? We've got some ideas. Check out the top 10 ideas for children's costumes with glasses we've put together. The best part? We've included some recommendations on the perfect frame style for each costume, making it even easier for your glasses wearer to dress up in disguise!

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A Granny (or Grandpa!)

Who wouldn't love ease of cozying up in your pjs, throwing on a robe, and wearing a gray-haired wig for a costume?! Better yet: your kiddo can just snuggle right into bed after trick-or-treating with little effort (...that is if they aren't bouncing off the walls from candy).

Frame Recommendation: Any and all ;)

Where’s Waldo

This is a simple but adorable costume. With a red and white striped tee, blue pants and your child’s stylish glasses, a popular phrase for the night won’t be “Where’s Waldo” but instead, “How cute is Waldo?!”

Frame Recommendation: Paul // Paige

Andy Warhol

Widely recognized for his painting of a can of Campbell's soup, Andy Warhol is about as creative as they come! Best yet: he rocked a pair of glasses that are *almost* as cool as our Paige/Paul frames. It's a perfect match for all of your artsy kiddos!

Frame Recommendation: Paul // Paige

Napoleon Dynamite & Kip

The littlest of kiddos might not recognize this dynamic duo, but we can't leave these two out of the list! Plus, what's easier than throwing on a pair of jeans, taping "Vote for Pedro" onto a white shirt, and rocking some glasses?

Frame Recommendation: Solomon // Sophie

Margo (& a Minion!) from Despicable Me

We all know about the cutie minions from Despicable Me, but don't forget about Margo, too! She's spunky, stylish, and rocks her glasses!

Frame Recommendation: Miles // Maddie

Alvin & The Chipmunks

Calling all friend groups or siblings in sets of 3! What better trio than Simon, Theodore, and Alvin? These costumes are super simple, quick to put together, and, if you live in a place that is chilly on Halloween, there's plenty of room for layers underneath the costumes!

Frame Recommendation: Paul // Paige

Harry Potter

Though your child may not have grown up in the Harry Potter era, we’re willing to bet two chocolate frogs that they know who he is! Known for his glasses and infamous lightning bolt scar, this Harry Potter costume is a crowd favorite, and a chance for your child to be a famous wizard for the night. Bonus points if your son's name is actually Harry!

Frame Recommendation: Paul // Paige

Carl Fredricksen from Up

Who doesn't love Carl Fredrickson from Up?! While he may be a stubborn old man sometimes (...a lot of the times), we all know that on the inside he has a heart of gold. This costume is pretty easy to put together, only needing a sweater and some khakis, some helium balloons, a mini walker (some PVC pipes and tennis balls will work great for this!), and of course his stylish specs.

Frame Recommendation: Solomon // Sophie

Clark Kent

I mean, who wouldn't want to use the excuse to be a superhero for the day? Plus, your kiddos glasses will be wearing real glasses, so really, they are one step closer to actually being Superman.

Frame Recommendation: Ryan // Ruth 

Colonel Sanders from KFC

With his white beard and hair and a smile that stretches to his ears, Colonel Sanders is hard not to remember! Find a red apron, some white face paint, and KFC-worthy bucket and your little one will be set to collect handfuls of candy.

Frame Recommendation: Jonas // Joyce

Glasses or not, no matter what costume your child decides to wear they have every right to feel confident and adorable! Halloween is a time full of laughter and fun as you watch your child run door-to-door yelling trick-or-treat. Dress them up in a costume that they can look back on fondly – because at the end of the day, that’s all the matters.

(…and how much candy they share with you).

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