How to Clean Glasses

How to Clean Glasses

Ever put on your glasses or pick up your child’s glasses, only to realize that the lenses are sticky, dirty, smudged, or dusty? Dirty lenses can be a nuisance, and mean a less-than perfect seeing experience is almost a guarantee. Plus, where there is dirt and dust and stickiness, there is a higher chance for bacteria growth - definitely not something we want by our eyes!

Lucky for you, the best way to clean glasses is super quick and easy and you only need two supplies: a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth and eyeglass lens cleaner. And, if you’ve ever purchased any of our kids prescription glasses, you should have received an awesome clam shell glasses case and microfiber cloth!


  1. First thing’s first: make sure your hands are clean! We recommend washing your hands before cleaning the glasses to ensure that no extra dirt, bacteria, etc. end up on the glasses.
  2. Run the lenses (not the entire frames!) under warm water to gently remove any dirt or dust particles that may be on the lenses. By doing this step first, those extra particles won’t be able to scratch the lenses!
  3. After gently drying the lenses (we recommend using a microfiber cloth), spray both sides of the lenses with eyeglass lens cleaner and wipe clean using the microfiber cloth until they are streak-free.
  4. You’re done!

We do also recommend giving the frames themselves a wipe-down (primarily the nose pads) about once per week, by using a slightly damp towel.

For a little live-action version of how to clean glasses frames we’ll hand it over to our friend, Rilynn! She does a great job walking you through cleaning kids glasses and teen glasses.

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