Letters from Laura: September 2022

Letters from Laura: September 2022

Wow. And just like that, summer is over :( While I’m ready to have a little more routine in our schedules and the kiddos back in the classroom learning, I will miss summer for sure. This season was a great one for our family. We took a few trips, participated in some camps, and just had some really good quality time together. It’s always a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to summertime, though!  

Jonas is in 4th grade (not sure how that happened) and Sophie is in 2nd grade this year. As I look ahead to what’s coming this school year, I’m in awe that my sweet little Jonas will turn 10 years old in March! Time, slow down!! It’s so wild when I realize how quickly Jonas and Sophie are growing up, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they both just blossom this school year.  

Jonas (left) and his little sister, Sophie (right)

Fall is probably one of my most favorite seasons of the year, as I love the changing of the weather and the crisp morning air along with all the fall activities. Our family loves corn mazes, leaves changing, anything and everything related to pumpkins, cozy sweaters and boots, and the start of the Holiday season come late November. It truly is one of the best times of year, especially here in Michigan!

And, here at Jonas Paul, I’m looking forward to seeing our customers wear our new Harvey/Harper kids glasses frames this fall! The fit and shape of this frame look so great on a variety of faces - it’s one of my new favorites. Jonas is going to look so great sporting the Glacier Crystal pair. That color is definitely a fan favorite here at Jonas Paul Eyewear HQ!

As with any change in season, I hope you find time to enjoy it with your loved ones by making new memories with them and embracing your new normal routine. Cheers to the new school year and especially to our incredible kids that continue to inspire us and bring such joy to our lives!


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