What Face Shape Do Rectangle Glasses Suit?

What Face Shape Do Rectangle Glasses Suit?

While most reasons to wear glasses are related to eyesight problems, they can also be tied to style as a fashion statement or simply protection from screens or sunlight. Your child’s glasses are an important part of your kid's look, and a good frame can do wonders for your kid’s face shape when chosen well. Finding the perfect glasses can help bring your kid more confidence and make them feel more fashionable.

Glasses come in many variations, such as round, square, and cat-eye. They all have a special place in a well-put-together wardrobe and can be worn by anyone, but some styles will look much more flattering on certain face shapes. In this article, we will discuss the best face shapes that suit rectangle glasses and what makes them a perfect fit.

Finding Your Child's Face Shape

Rectangle glasses are a popular choice because they suit many face shapes and look very stylish and professional, but it's important to know how to determine your child’s face shape before setting out to buy new rectangle frames. If you're trying to see whether or not rectangle glasses are for your kid, here is a simple method with no extra equipment:

  • Place your child in front of a mirror
  • Trace the outline of your child’s face with your finger
  • Take note of the shape you just traced
  • Use the resulting shape to see if rectangle glasses would suit your kid

Alternatively, you can print out an image of your child’s face and trace the outline with a colored pen to find out what face shape they have and better choose appropriate glasses frames. The most common face shapes are oval, triangular, rectangular, square, long, heart, and diamond, and each one has its own defining stand-out features and benefits from different styles of eyewear.

If you've found their face shape and are considering rectangle glasses frames, it's important to know if they would be flattering specifically on your youngling. Below you can find information on which are the best face shapes to suit clear rectangle glasses or colored rectangle glasses:

Diamond face shape

A diamond face shape is one with a narrow, tapered jawline and a narrow forehead. This is a face shape that can benefit from more angular glasses frames. Rectangular glasses direct attention to the eyes and contrast the natural lines of the face and the glasses frames, achieving a harmonious balance in your child’s look.

If your kid has a diamond face shape, they would suit colored or clear rectangular glasses frames because they soften the features by drawing attention to the upper portion of the face. Your child can also opt for clear rectangle glasses if they enjoy the contrasting look of angular lines but aren't looking to include patterns or bold colors in their eyewear fashion choices.

Triangle Face Shape

Triangle face shapes come in two types: A-Triangle, where the forehead is narrower, and the jawline is wider, and V-Triangle, where a wider forehead is combined with a narrow jaw. Both of these face shape types suit rectangle glasses frames due to their angularity.

To help keep a balanced look, A-Triangle shaped faces can opt for darker and more colorful square frames that help offset the lower jaw, while V-Triangle faces should go for lighter rectangle glasses, especially clear rectangle glasses, to balance the more striking features on the upper portion of the face.

Oval Face Shape

The oval face shape is naturally seen as harmonious and proportionate in the fashion world, which means plenty of existing eyeglass styles fit it to a T. These faces have a mid-size forehead and a lightly tapered jawline, but still maintain a soft round appearance and look great in contrast with clearly defined, bold angles that make for a statement look.

If your kid prefers a softer, toned-down style, oval faces also go perfectly with clear rectangle glasses and allow them to achieve a more neutral look, which can work beautifully with a statement outfit.

If they have an oval face shape, the glasses choices are endless, as they will all look great and suit your child. However, rectangular glasses add a special edge that is very stylish but professional and can add to your kid’s overall look, making them look interesting and distinguished yet classy.

 Round Face Shape

The best face shape for wearing rectangle glasses is considered to be a round face. A round face is a wider face with even proportions in both the forehead and jawline, giving a soft and even appearance. While round face shapes are widely considered to fit all styles of glasses, square glasses provide a stark contrast to the natural face shape, drawing the eye towards the upper portion of your kid’s visage.

With a round face, they can opt for a darker, more office-appropriate look using rectangle glasses frames with some color or even patterns or a lighter, delicate look using clear glasses that let their natural beauty shine through. Whatever your child prefers, rest assured that their round face will always suit any eyewear style.

Wrapping up

In summary, while anyone can wear any glasses frames as a fashion statement, if you're looking for an everyday look that compliments your kid’s natural features, you should go for rectangular frames if they have a diamond, triangle, oval, or round-shaped face. If they feel the stark lines feel too heavy for their fashion choices, they can opt for clear rectangle glasses instead, assuring the face shape is perfectly complemented and your kid’s outfit can shine.

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