Why Order Glasses Online?

Why Order Glasses Online?

We get a lot of questions from customers about whether or not they should order their kids glasses online ... so we put together some of the benefits we've received from reviews of our customers.

1. Comfort: Not every child wants to wear glasses, and some may already be nervous / self-conscious about wearing frames. With Jonas Paul Eyewear and our home try-on kit, you are able to order a pair of frames to be sent right to your doorstep. From there, you have up to 7 days for your child to try on all 5 styles and choose a style that they absolutely love and feel confident in. The best part: this is all done in the comfort of your own home so you can truly see if our frames are a good fit for your little one as they can be themselves 100%.

2. Convenience: After you go to the eye doctor, you might be told that your son or daughter will need glasses. Instead of driving around from store to store trying to find the perfect frame (especially when you have all your children with you) - ordering glasses online provides the convenience of one simple click and frames are sent right to your doorstep.

3. Saves Money: Buying a pair of frames while at the optical store or doctor's office may seem like the most convenient option, but in the long run - you will actually be spending more money at these stores than you do when you order online. At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we are all about providing stylish eyewear all at an affordable price.

Buying glasses online is quickly becoming a trend and an option many parents prefer when they have children. Though the anticipation to see your kiddo's in their new specs is at an all new high, we promise when you see our frames at your doorstep, it will be well worth the wait. :)

And when you do order kids prescription glasses from us, be sure to tag #jonaspauleyewear so we can see your cute kids in our stylish frames!

-The Jonas Paul Eyewear Team

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