How to Adjust Temple Comfort Tips on Glasses at Home

How to Adjust Temple Comfort Tips on Glasses at Home

A common concern about ordering prescription kids glasses and teen glasses online is how to adjust them for the perfect fit. The good news is, that is super easy! Check out these two easy recommendations on how to adjust your child’s Jonas Paul Eyewear glasses right at home. That’s right: you don’t even need to make a trip to the eye doctor to adjust our glasses!


At the end of each temple arm on Jonas Paul Eyewear frames, you’ll notice that the temple arm has a rubbery, silicone covering. This is our Adjustable Comfort Tip and is how you’ll get the perfect, customized fit right at home so the glasses do not slide off your child’s face! No straps needed to keep our glasses on.

  1. Place the glasses on your child’s face and make a note of where the back of their ear lines up with the temple arm.
  2. After your child has taken the glasses off, hold the end of the rubbery portion (the comfort tip) with one hand, and the end of the non-silicone portion with the other hand.

Note: It may take a little muscle, but bend the end of the comfort tip downward as much as you see fit. Don’t worry, our comfort tips are bendable, durable, and quite difficult to break.

If you make one adjustment but the glasses still slide down the nose, you can always bend the tip further downward to keep the glasses on. And, trust us - you won’t break the glasses by doing this!




Over time, your child’s glasses may begin to stretch out due to daily wear and tear of the glasses. You may take the glasses to an eye care professional for adjusting, or can even adjust them right at home with a tool that you likely already have on hand: a hair dryer.



  1. Turn the hair dryer on low heat and hold it about 5 inches away from the nose bridge of the glasses for about 15 seconds.
  2. Gently and slowly bend the frame inward so the temple arms are straight.
  3. Repeat this process as needed until the glasses fit properly.
  4. Once the glasses have the proper fit, run cold water over the bridge to set the acetate in the new position.  

How to adjust glasses without Jonas Paul Comfort Tips

If you opted for glasses without the Jonas Paul Adjustable Comfort Tips, the process is similar but will likely require more heat, time, and patience. For durable and reliable adjustable tips, we recommend using our Jonas Paul Adjustable Comfort Tips!

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