How to Adjust Temple Comfort Tips on Glasses at Home

Our glasses for kids and teens come with hypoallergenic, flexible comfort tips that are adjustable right at home! This allows the temple arm to hug your child’s ears (or extend straight back) for a perfect fit.

Learn how to adjust our glasses in just a few steps!

step 1

Put the glasses on your child (or yourself), and note where the temple arm meets the back of the ear. You could even use a crayon to mark the point.

step 2

Hold the temple arm with your left hand where you made the mark (note the blue spot we added), take the end of the adjustable tip with your right hand, and then proceed to bend the tip the desired amount.

A few items to note :

  • It can be a little hard to bend, so don't be afraid to put a little muscle behind it!
  • If the glasses begin to tip forward on your's child's face, it means you may have bent the adjustable tip too far ... simply bend the tip back.
  • Look behind your child's ear to ensure that the adjustable tip isn't pushing too hard on the ear (or pulling the ear forward), as this can cause irritation over time.  Just bend the tip back until the ear is back to its normal position.

step 3

You're done!  Wasn't that easy?!

The glasses should now fit snugly on your child's ears which will in turn help them stay put on their little noses!

With continued wear (and putting the frames on and pulling them off) you may notice the tips straightening back out.  Feel free to adjust the tips as often as needed to ensure a good fit!

additional tip

If your child is a little older or prefers the feeling of the glasses not resting on the back of the ear, you can also straighten out the tip so that it hugs their head instead! Either way, adjust the temple tips for your child's eyewear to be fit for comfort.