Non-Rx Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With kids and teens digital device usage growing, protecting their eyes is more important than ever.

Our lenses exceed the US ANSI Z80.3 standard for blue light filtering.



Just $59 for select styles of non-prescription blue light blocking glasses for kids and teens!

Kids Blue Light Glasses

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Teen Blue Light Glasses

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"I bought these for my 10 yr old son as he was getting headaches from online school and gaming. Since he started wearing them, no more headaches and he loves how he looks too!"   - Lara D.

Why protect against blue light?

blue light may disrupt circadian rhythm


The blue light emitted from screens can negatively impact alertness, circadian rhythm (our body's clock), and sleep-inducing melatonin, all of which are especially vital to kids and teens.

blue light can cause headaches and eyestrain


A recent National Eye Institute-funded study shows that kids' eyes absorb more blue light than adults from digital device screens, which can lead to eye strain and headaches.

the effects of blue light on childrens eyes is still largely unknown


Because research is still being done about the long-term effects of blue light from screens, protecting against the unknown is actually one of the best reasons to guard against it.


Your purchase is powerful.

Jonas Paul’s refined, sophisticated look empowers children to feel confident and parents to be socially responsible with their eyewear purchases. The Harrisons are thankful that they have been given the opportunity to make a broad social impact while, at the same time, helping kids all over the world look incredibly dapper.