"Meet the Parents Making Wearing Kids Glasses Cool."

"The prospect of wearing glasses is not something most kids look forward to, but the idea may be a little more palatable thanks to some parents and the company they started." -
NBC Nightly News Features Jonas Paul Eyewear Kids Glasses 

 NBC News Jonas Paul Eyewear Kids Glasses


"Kid glasses that adults will look at with envy"

Smart Specs for Tots - The Wall Street Journal
  Wall Street Journal and Jonas Paul Eyewear

"Unknowingly, Jonas gave birth to Jonas Paul Eyewear, which revolutionized the kids eyewear industry by focusing on helping children feel beautiful and confident in their glasses."

How a Visually Impaired Infant Gave Clear Vision to More than 15000 people - Huffington Post
Huffington Post Jonas Paul Eyewear

"And still today there are millions of children in America being barraged with the confidence deflating words “nerd” and “four eyes” — their peers mocking them because they have to wear corrective eyewear. While to some this may seem trivial or “kids being kids,” a child’s self-esteem and identity can be cemented as young as the age of 8. This identity is deeply molded and influenced by their peers as they form an initial view of how they fit into the world.

I’m assuming some who are reading this bear a scar from being teased as a child, and if we can use a beautifully designed product and brand to prevent some of these scars and boost the self-esteem of children, I feel confident we are going to make a lasting impact."

Why We’re Helping Children With Visual Impairment Feel Beautiful - The Mighty

The Mighty Jonas Paul Eyewear

“We were determined that if our son was going to have to wear glasses at a young age, they were going to be a fashion statement and he was going to feel like a little stud muffin in them.” Said mother, Laura.

So what did they do? They started their own children’s eyeglass company. And they rocked it! Knowing the pain and suffering first hand, allowed them to have that passion and desire for there to be something more out there for children like her son, Jonas. So they founded Jonas Paul Eyewear, whose mission was to bring stylish and affordable kids glasses to a market that was lacking both.

How This Mom’s Suffering is Making a Positive Impact on Thousands - Women's Daily

"Kids in glasses and Daniel Radcliffe have one thing in common: They’re tired of being called Harry Potter.

Look to Jonas Paul Eyewear for your child’s next frames. The start-up’s simple, sophisticated specs and sunglasses are a welcome change from cartoonish and character-driven styles."


Jonas Paul’s Glasses for Cool Kids - DailyCandy

 Jonas Paul's Glasses for Cool Kids


"The Most Stylish Specs For Little Kids"



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