Home Try-On Kit Process


With Jonas Paul Eyewear being an eyewear company available almost exclusively online, we understand the uncertainty of placing your order in fear that the frames may not fit according to the recommended size of your child's age.

Unlike ordering a pair of shoes and being able to return them instantly if they don’t fit right, purchasing a pair of glasses can be more complex if you order additional features for the pair of glasses.

Life is already tough, finding a perfect size for your child shouldn’t be!

Which is why at Jonas Paul Eyewear we have implemented a home try-on kit. Instead of purchasing a pair of frames hoping for the best, purchase our FREE home try-on kit where you will get to choose from a box of 4 or 6 pairs of frames (depending on size) to find the perfect match for your son or daughter all in the comfort of your own home.

In FIVE quick steps, you can try glasses at home, and find an absolute perfect frame for your child!

Who knew trying on glasses could be so much fun!?

Thinking of ordering a kit? Tag us with some awesome photos with hashtag #JonasPaulEyewear!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Home Try-On Kit: To learn more about the ordering process, check out our page. 

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