Kids Clear Frame Glasses

Things to Know When Choosing Kids Clear Frame Glasses

No one really knows when these kids' clear-frame glasses style choice became popular, some believe it was in the 2010s, but others believe this popular trend existed much later in the 1960s. Regardless of what school of thought you buy into, one thing is for sure: clear frame glasses are stylish and definitely here to stay!

Now, you’re probably thinking that clear-frame glasses are a linear style, but you couldn’t be more wrong! When choosing a pair of clear-frame glasses for yourself or your kids, it’s recommended that you stick to a frame style that will accentuate your kids’ natural features. Here is our guide on things to consider when choosing kids’ clear frame glasses, such as comfort, style, current trends, your kids’ lifestyles, and personality.

Kids Clear Frame Glasses For Comfort

Kids tend to have a knack for letting you know they dislike something. That’s why taking the extra time to ensure your kids’ glasses are comfortable is important; otherwise, the shiny and trendy clear glasses frames that you picked out might end up in the trash if you’re not careful! If your child wears prescription glasses, they will likely wear them for several hours at a time, whether in school, on an outing, or even at home when doing homework. If the kids' clear-frame glasses aren’t comfortable, it could lead to tenderness or irritation on the contact points of your child’s face. Uncomfortable clear-frame glasses might cause soreness to the bridge of the nose, ears, and temples of your child. To avoid this, it is important to pick high-quality frames that fit correctly!

Trendy Styles Are More Important Than You Might Think

We were all kids and teens once, but it's hard to remember how hard it was to live through that period sometimes. While social media has completely changed how we view popularity, it’s hard to deny that being out of the loop in trends can impact your kid’s confidence. Choosing clear-frame glasses that are stylish and fashionably fit can completely change your kids' outlook on themselves.

While current “best” trends and styles are mostly subjective, it definitely seems that rounded frames, classically rectangular, and oversized glasses have been favored in recent years. Let your kids explore the trendy clear glasses frames that suit them best, and their own confidence will flow afterward! Of course, there’s no guarantee that your child will become an instant internet sensation or the “popular kid at school,” but wearing stylish glasses can at least help them begin to feel that way!

At online retailers like Jonas Paul Eyewear, glasses are designed to fit most face shapes with an emphasis on durability and quality. However, many people seem to forget that great clear-frame glasses are not all made the same. When looking for great clear-framed glasses, be sure to choose frames that are made with the materials that suit your needs. Most clear frames are made with plastic, and these plastics have different characteristics depending on the materials used. Acetate glasses are plant-based, lightweight, and durable; these glasses are also usually hypoallergenic so that the wearer can wear the glasses without long-term discomfort and are flexible under pressure, which makes this material ideal for young children and teens who are active.

Traditional plastic frames are also still used but are less preferred because traditional plastics are harder to create the color that acetate frames can easily achieve. To solve this problem, traditional plastic frames are usually painted after they are molded during production. The end result is cheaper and less desirable glasses frames that may flake or deteriorate quickly compared to acetate glasses. The key takeaway is this: definitely do not settle for cheaply made frames when affordable frames made of high-quality acetate are available to you!

What Sets Jonas Paul Eyewear Apart

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Unsure where to start looking for trendy clear glasses frames? Check out our convenient frame finder quiz to find the best frames for your child’s age, style, and more! For indecisive kids or teens, we have a convenient option. Our $1 Home Try-On Kit is available for interested kids or teens who can try our most popular frames and styles for just one dollar. The kit is completely risk-free and easy to use! Simply choose the color schemes you want and check out. Delivery shipping and return shipping is free! Once you choose the frames of your choice, then return the kit and order online!

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