How to Care for Your Child's New Glasses

How to Care for Your Child's New Glasses

You just received a new pair of stylish frames from Jonas Paul Eyewear in the mail - YAY! But now you are wondering, how do I teach my son or daughter to keep them safe?

Buying a pair of frames can be hard enough, and teaching your child to keep them safe shouldn't be. We have rounded up our five best tips and tricks to help your child keep their frames 100% safe, protected, and of course, stylish.

#1 - Keep them in the case when they’re not on their face.

The moment your child takes off their glasses, help them secure their eyewear in a hard-sided case. (We provide a case with each frame purchased!) This simple step will help prevent any accidental step-on or breakage.

TIP: Pack a case whenever your child is going somewhere that will require them to remove their glasses.  

#2 - Use both hands

Teach your child how to properly remove their glasses with both hands. You can demonstrate this using your own glasses or a pair of sunglasses. Teaching your child this important practice will prevent any bending or uneven wear.

TIP: Should you notice any bending of the arms, each Jonas Paul frame has adjustable tips that allow the temple arm to hug your child’s ears (or extend straight back) for a perfect fit.

#3 - Avoid sinks and splatter

Although most of us are naturally inclined to remove our glasses at the sink during our bedtime routine, keeping frames near splatter and sprays can soil the lenses, making them more difficult to clean. Instead, help your child find a special spot in their room to keep their specs safe.

TIP: If you do notice any stains or splatter on the lenses, check out our Lens Cleaner to keep those glasses stain-free. 

#4 - Remind children not to wear their glasses on the top of their head

Keeping glasses on the top of their head makes them less secure, and increases the chances of their glasses falling off.

TIP: If you notice your child commenting on their frames sliding down from their face, make sure you have adjusted the comfort tips or purchase a tube of Nerd Wax to ensure they don't place the frames on top of their head.

#5 - Keep a spare

As much as we may try to prevent broken frames and cracked lenses, in the end, we must accept that kids are, well, kids. They’re wild, free-flowing, and more often than not, running around. Accidents can happen, and it’s best to have an extra pair at the ready to lessen the blow in case one does break (but we’ll cross our fingers that their glasses stay totally safe).

TIP: If you are worried about frames breaking, add a second pair to your cart at Jonas Paul Eyewear for those "just in case" moments.

At the end of the day, our children are getting older, smarter, and more responsible by the minute. Keeping their glasses safe is a wonderful opportunity for kids to exercise responsibility, and with these simple tips, you can help your child keep their spiffy new specs safe and sound.

Put these tips to the test and check out our selection of children's eyewear today!

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