The Five Stages of Wearing Glasses

The Five Stages of Wearing Glasses

One minute you’re taking your child for their annual check-up and the next minute your child is trying on a pair of glasses.

Somewhere between hearing your doctor suggest your child will need glasses to having your little one try on different pairs of glasses, your mind was swarming with questions that had no answers.

“How did this happen?”

“How did we get here?”

“My child will never wear their glasses.”

“Is there anyway to avoid this?”

“This breaks my heart.”

“This breaks my child’s heart.”

“What will it be like at school for them?”

Sound familiar? Every parent that finds out their child will need glasses goes through this plethora of questions.

 We call this the Five Stages of Wearing Glasses.

It’s hard on you, just as hard as it is on your little one. However, with the five stages, there is a silver lining: Acceptance. It may seem impossible to get there, but we promise you, you and your child will. Follow along as we take you through the five best books to deal with each stage until you reach complete acceptance, and find that wearing glasses is kind of, sort of adorable.

DISBELIEF: Luna and the Big Blur by Shirley Day // Luna figures it’s bad enough having a weird name like Luna, now she has to wear glasses, too! Luna looks to find all outlets on why she can’t wear her glasses, until one day, her Father helps her learn to feel good about herself when she is wearing her frames. Great read for when your child refuses accept they have to wear glasses.

REFUSAL: Glasses (Who Needs ‘Em?) by Lane Smith // Story of a young boy’s refusal to wear his new glasses but the doctor ensures him all the wonderful benefits of glasses. If your child is angry about having to wear glasses, this is a wonderful story to read on telling them the awesome benefits!

OBSTACLES: Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses? by Rhonda Fischer // Randy found out he had to get glasses because he saw double. At first, he hated wearing his glasses and looked for all obstacles to get rid of them - throwing them in the garbage, placing them in the sand, or even have a car back over them! It wasn’t until Randy’s father convinced him that glasses are cool! A great story for any child who is trying to bargain out of wearing there glasses.

TROUBLING: Princess Peepers by Pam Calvert // Princess Peepers loves wearing her glasses—until the other princesses at school make fun of her. So Princess Peepers decides to take off her glasses, but that just leads to all kinds of trouble! Perfect read for your daughter who needs a little pick me up about wearing frames.


Pearl and Wagner: Four Eyes by Kate McMullan // Wagner finds out that he will need glasses, but doesn’t want them. His friend, Pearl, tries to cheer him up by talking about how great glasses are. Wagner isn’t convinced, but ends up wearing glasses shortly after. Great story about how friends can stand up for each other, and help each other feel better about themselves.S

HAPPINESS: What can Pinky See by Lucy Cousins // Pinky wears glasses so he can see well. This story is about all the new things Pinky can see now that he is wearing his glasses. Great read for a child learning to accept the beauty of wearing glasses after having blurred vision.

Check out these books! We hope that they will help YOU and your little one celebrate what glasses are all about! Wonderful sight & adorable faces!

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