Finding the perfect frame for your child's face shape


Nothing quite makes your day like seeing your child’s smiling face. With mom’s eyes, dad’s nose, and hair that’s always adorably unruly, your little one is absolutely perfect. So when you begin the search for the perfect pair of frames, it’s best to find frames that compliment, not contradicts, their faces.

We have put together a face-shape guide to help you and your little decide on which frame looks best according to their face shape!

With seven different styles available and multiple color options for each frame, the possibilities are endless! All of our frames are gender-neutral, so if there's a pair that you like on one gender's page, look for the same option on the other gender's page.


Lightly curved jawline that is a little narrower than the forehead.


Balanced proportions, high cheekbones, and a chin that is slightly narrower than your forehead.


Strong jawlines, broad forehead, and wide chin and cheekbones.


Wide forehead that narrows down the jawline to a small, defined chin characterizes the heart-shaped face.

Because this guide is just a general recommendation (we're not rocket scientists, afterall!), it's always best to try one of our Home Try-On Kits before placing your order.

What's that you say about a Home Try-On Kit?

We offer a Home Try-On Kit, which allows you or your child to try on our different frame styles all within the comfort of your own home!

Choose from either a small or lage frame size kit, in either black or tortoise (you can't go wrong either way!).

Note that our Limited Edition colors are NOT available in the Try-On Kit.

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