Meet Brody and Maggie

Meet Brody and Maggie

If you've been around for a while, it's no surprise that we are HUGE fans of Brody and Maggie of Brody's Be and Maggie's Be Cafes. We're so excited to give you an even closer look at who they are, what they love, and how they embody KINDNESS!

Check out their interviews below, then head on over to their websites to learn more about them.


Q: What does kindness mean to you?

A: Being kind means when you [are] nice to someone and [are] helpful with someone.

Q: How can people be kind at Brody's Be Cafe?

A: You can be nice to the Be-ristas because they want to get coffee or tea or hot chocolate and help others.

Q: How has someone been kind to you at Brody's Be Cafe?

A: When someone help[s] me make coffee or make a shamrock shake [at the cafe].

Q: How have you been kind to someone recently?

A: My friend at school asked for some water so I [volunteered to] get some water for him.

Q: What can people do to support Brody's Be Cafe?

A: Drinking coffee! And hanging out with each other and talking to each other [at the cafe].


Q: What does kindness mean to you?

A: When someone says, "thank you,” I love to respond with the phrase, “my pleasure,” because I am very pleased to be working and helping people.

Q: How can people be kind at Maggie's Be Cafe?

A: Be nice to people and they will be nice back!

Q: What is the kindest thing that someone has done for you?

A: Kindest thing: My friend Rileigh picks me up for work on Saturdays (which I love so much because it’s more fun doing things with friends than with your mom and dad ;) ).

Q: What can people do to support Maggie's Be Cafe?

A: Follow us on Instagram! And, spread the word so we can continue with our mission! We are an organization that provides meaningful employment for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Our employees love being able to work, earn money, and spend time with their peers.

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