Perks of a Back Up Pair

Perks of a Back Up Pair

Picture this:

You're getting ready to head out for your one of child's soccer game and are going through the checklist of things that you need to take with you...

  • Little Johnny's bright green soccer jersey that shows he's a part of the "Froggies" team: Check.
  • Your lawn chair (that will likely end up not being sat on, as it's much easier to cheer on Johnny while standing): Check.
  • Two large travel mugs filled with coffee (...because you can never have too much caffeine when you have three kids under the age of 6): Check.
  • Orange slices, scotcheroos, and juice boxes for the kids' post-game snack: Check.
  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks to keep your other two kids occupied while Johnny runs around quickly (albeit aimlessly, but who's counting) on the soccer field: Check.
  • Little Johnny's glasses: Uh-oh.

Where did he put his glasses last night when he went to bed? Didn't he put them in his case where they are supposed to go (..."If they're not on your face they should be in your case"...he knows that saying by heart!)? How is he going to be able to see to play soccer? He will be devastated if he isn't able to play today!

Enter: Little Johnny carrying his broken glasses, which are now in two pieces. "Ummm, Mom? I think Mr. Penguin broke my glasses when he was wearing them this morning."

Initial reaction: major facepalm moment. 

Are you frustrated? Yes. But do you also have a solution because you are Super Mom? HECK YES. Second pair of glasses to the rescue.

This is the exact reason why you purchased a back-up pair of glasses for Johnny! Accidents happen (and apparently stuffed animals have a mind of their own), and you know that kids will be kids. Sure, the broken pair of glasses are too far beyond repair, but at least you have a back up pair so he can still see for his soccer game!

Here at Jonas Paul Eyewear, we always recommend having a back up pair of eyeglasses for your kids. Not only will they love being able to pick which pair they wear every morning and have double the fashion options, but it's always best to have that extra pair for those "just in case" moments!

Send us an email about a purchasing a back up pair and we might even send you a discount code ;)

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