Sweet Sensibility

Sweet Sensibility

Ellie has cherished reading books since we can remember. She can spend hours flipping through pages, looking at pictures and sharing her own renditions of the tall tales we've read time and time again. She has always been very attentive, was a busy and active toddler, and never showed any obvious signs of vision challenges. She didn't squint when we read to her, held books a normal distance from her face, and didn't have any learning challenges or issues in school. So it came as quite a surprise when during her 4-year check-up, after a quick eye-exam, our pediatrician asked us to book an appointment with an pediatric ophthalmologist as soon as possible.    

Shortly after, we found out that Ellie is near-sighted, and would need glasses. As a parent, when you are told that your child has any challenge or difficulty - even if just a potentially-fixable eye issue - it still tugs at your heart. I knew it was going to be a little tricky for our sweet little girl to adjust to wearing glasses, but I also knew that we would do everything we could to make wearing them as comfortable and special as possible.

Initially, our opthamologist suggested we purchase glasses directly from the shop in her office. Sure, there were a couple kind-of cute pairs available (with a hefty price-tag!), and then there were a bunch of not-so-cute versions that just didn't seem to fit with Ellie's charismatic, sweet sensibility...of course, she was not a fan of any of them. And the kicker - the only ones that actually fit Ellie's itty-bitty nose bridge were the wire ones with nose tabs. So our choices became even fewer (like, literally down to 2 pairs). We ended up paying $270 for pink and purple Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle glasses. Yep, you read that correctly. That was our final option.  

Fast forward about a year...Ellie has worn her pink and purple glasses everyday since, and it was (finally) time for a new pair. She just started Kindergarten, joined a soccer team, and was settling in to this new chapter just beautifully. But, because her glasses are a topic of conversation between her friends, family and complete strangers on a regular basis (it's really funny how many people comment when a child is wearing glasses!), I wanted her to be able to choose an option that she really would enjoy wearing. A pair that fit her vibrant personality, and made her feel extra special and confident.

So I jumped online and searched "stylish glasses for kids" and (of course!) the first site that populated was Jonas Paul. As I eagerly dove in, I fell more and more in love with the brand/styles, the concept and story behind it, and the philanthropy that they do. The site is incredibly user-friendly, and the fact that I could order a "try on kit" for Ellie, made them a total no-brainer for us. Within about 10 minutes, I was ordering our kit and was soooo excited to show Ellie all of the super cool styles and colors she could choose from.  

Ellie wearing Jonas Paul Eyewear Girls Glasses

Just a few days later, the kit arrived, and Ellie spent about an hour pretending to be the "doctor" going through each pair of glasses, meticulously checking them out and describing why they are "so perfect for her patients!" The process of choosing new glasses has actually been fun for her - a very different experience than our previous. And she (we!) loved them all which made it tough to choose just one! Ultimately, because her nose bridge is still pretty tiny, we opted for the darling Sophie glasses, which provide the nose tabs to fit a bit more tightly. And the icing on the cake is that the darling frames are substantially less expensive than those I have found elsewhere.

I am so grateful that we found Jonas Paul...not only a brand that is stylish, but a brand that is DOING GOOD and making a difference. To us, that is priceless. I have no doubt that Ellie will be wearing Jonas Paul for as long as she needs glasses. Many thanks to the beautiful family and amazing team behind this very special company!


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