When you find out your child needs glasses, it can be a little overwhelming.  We understand, we've been in your shoes.

But it doesn't have to be that way. When you buy kids glasses online, the process is so much easier and more fun for your child. We've created a collection of children’s prescription glasses articles to de-mystify the process and make the experience much easier.

We can't wait to see how fashionable / adorable / handsome your child is going to be in their glasses :)

Buying kids glasses online with a free home try-on

Buying Kids Spectacles Online

Did you know that its actually easier (and more fun) to buy children's eyeglasses online? Kids love trying on all the glasses in the Free Home Try-On Kit in the comfort of their own home, and it gets them excited about wearing cool glasses.

how to read your child's eyeglass prescription

How to read your child's eyeglass prescription

If this is your first time with a child in glasses - you may not know where to start, let alone how to read your child’s prescription.

By learning how to read your child’s prescription, parents can better understand their child’s vision.



5 signs your child may need glasses

There is a lot to know about your eyes and what symptoms to look for when detecting vision problems.  And good news for you, you don't have to be an optometrist to know these symptoms - we have laid out the most common vision problems and the best ways to treat them.


Flexible Kids Glasses

Our Children's Eyeglass Features

Our frames are designed by parent for parents.  Because of this, we've added some unique features that make our frames fit better on little faces.

These include extended nose pads for soft bridges, durable spring hinges and the "fan favorite" adjustable comfort tip!


how to adjust kids glasses at home

Adjusting Kids Glasses at Home

 Kids eyeglass frames are always balanced before taking them home but sometimes the temple arms can bow out slightly due to either the shape of the prescription lenses (as some tend to flatten out the frame) or due to the combination of body heat and head shape.  Here are some tips for  re-adjusting the frames at home.



Jonas Paul Story On

NBC Nightly News

“The philanthropic buy one give one philosophy of business led by companies like Toms Shoes and Warby Parker Eyewear has a new practictioner, and he’s only 3 years old.” - Willie Geist


Kids glasses that give back

Buy Sight, Give Sight

For each pair of Jonas Paul Eyewear children's glasses purchased, we provide sight to a child in need. #buysightgivesight


uv protection in children's eyeglasses

The Importance Of UV Protection In Kids Glasses

Children need to take extra care to wear protective kids glasses & sunglasses as they can't filter UV light as effectively as adults. Did you know that all of our kids prescription glasses & sunglasses come with 100% UV protection?


huffington post jonas paul eyewear

Huffington Post Features Our Story

Jonas gave birth to Jonas Paul Eyewear, which revolutionized the children's eyeglass industry by focusing on helping children feel beautiful & confident in their glasses. Today, more than 20,800 kids in developing countries have been impacted.