What is Pupillary Distance (PD)?

Pupillary Distance (PD) or interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance in millimeters from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil. This measurement is needed to ensure that the lenses are correctly centered within the frames of your kid's glasses. The industry standard allows for 2-3mm of wiggle room for the measurement without negatively impacting your child's vision.

Often times, the prescription will include the pupillary distance. If it does not:

  • Contact your eye doctor to see if they have this measurement on file
  • Download our app linked below and it'll take that measurement for you
  • If you prefer not to download the app (or the technology is not compatible with your phone), check out our step-by-step video tutorial, then follow the instructions below to measure right at home

If you have additional questions or would like an extra set of eyes on the measurement you are submitting, you can text a picture of the measurement tool next to your child's eyes to (616) 202-5844 and we'd be happy to confirm their PD!

How to Measure Pupillary Distance for Children


Download our virtual try-on app, which includes a PD measurement function. (Compatible with iPhoneX or newer models.)


STEP 1: Print the below file at actual size using 100% scale on a standard letter (8.5” X 11”) size sheet of paper, or use a measurement tool with millimeters.


STEP 2: Hold the pupillary distance ruler just below your child’s eyes, keeping it exactly horizontal, and align the ruler’s zero (0) measurement to the center of your’s child’s right eye pupil.

STEP 3: Try your best to hold the ruler still and ask your child to hold as still as possible, and read the millimeter line that lines up with the center of your child’s left pupil. This is your child’s PD measurement. For reference, many kids have a PD between 42-65mm.

STEP 4  Repeat steps 1 - 3 at least one more time to ensure you get the same pupillary distance measurement. This will ensure the most accurate prescription for your child.

STEP 5: Please write your PD # on your prescription from your eye doctor. And email to us at orders@jonaspauleyewear.com

Test 'em at home.

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