Letters from Laura: June 2022

Letters from Laura: June 2022

How is it summer?! I feel like I was just sitting down to write my last letter when we were celebrating Jonas’ 9th birthday in March. Time continues to fly by!

As school wraps up and we look forward to the warmer summer months, I hope you are able to take time to reflect back on this past school year and celebrate the milestones your child was able to accomplish. Jonas and Sophie grew so much this past year and I am so incredibly proud of both of them! Jonas continued to find his voice and advocate for himself more, which hasn’t always been easy for him. His perseverance and determination continue to amaze me each and every day.  

My kids (as well as myself!) are excited for all of the little summer perks like slower mornings, pool time, bike rides, nighttime fires with s’mores, and dancing in the rain. I’m most excited to just be together as much as we can as a family, whether that’s hanging out at home or spending time with each other at the cottage. Sophie promised herself that this would be the summer she learns how to water ski! I’m really hoping that we can slow down this summer and truly enjoy this special season that we have been blessed with.  

Our only “school” requirement for Jonas and Sophie each summer is to read, which they thankfully both love. Sophie really learned to read this year in 1st grade and it has been so much fun to sit back and have her read to me! She currently is enjoying chapter books, with Junie B Jones being her current fav. Jonas loves audio books, and he also enjoys reading his braille books! His go-to’s are typically Magic Tree House books. Do your kids love the Magic Tree House series? If so, what is their favorite book? I’ll have to check with Jonas if he has read it or not :) With over 50 books in the series, there are so many great options to choose from.  

Summer Challenge: Take summer reading one step further by joining our summer reading challenge! You could win a $250 gift card to Jonas Paul.

I don’t know about you, but we’ll be spending lots of time outside this summer, whether for reading or just hanging out. Here’s your friendly mom-reminder to keep your kiddos’ skin protected with sunscreen and keep their eyes protected with sunnies! Head over to our kids sunglasses page, which has the option of prescription and non-prescription sunnies. My favorites are the Graham/Grace with sun lenses added!

Cheers to an awesome summer filled with new routines and great memories with your kids, family and friends! Happy Summer!

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