Ryan-Black-Round-Boys-Glasses-by-Jonas-Paul-Eyewear Kids Glasses // The Ryan New-Features-for-Black-Round-Kids-Glasses-by-Jonas-Paul-Eyewear-Ryan Ryan-Black-Round-Kids-Glasses-Frame-Front-View-by-Jonas-Paul-Eyewear Ryan-Black-Round-Kids-Glasses-Frame-by-Jonas-Paul-Eyewear Ryan-Black-Round-Kids-Glasses-Frame-Side-View-by-Jonas-Paul-Eyewear Ryan-Tortoise-Round-Kids-Glasses-Frame-Front-View-by-Jonas-Paul-Eyewear Ryan-Tortoise-Round-Kids-Glasses-Frame-by-Jonas-Paul-Eyewear Ryan-Tortoise-Round-Kids-Glasses-Frame-Side-View-by-Jonas-Paul-Eyewear

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Eager to be accepted and hesitant to be different, some boys prefer simplicity, prudence, and straight edges when it comes to boys glasses frames. With a delicate repose and slight crest at the brow, these kids round glasses frames are perfect for the one who smiles quietly, waiting for the right time to bloom. 

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SMALL ( AGES 4 - 7 )   -   44mm lens    //   15mm bridge   //   125mm temple arms

LARGE ( AGES 8 - 12 )   -   48mm lens   //   16mm bridge   //   130mm temple arms

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