Holiday Gifts, From Your Children


In just two short weeks, Christmas will be here. And believe us… we are just as surprised as you are!

From holiday parties, to baking cookies, to Christmas music taking over the radio – there is so much to be excited about!

And though you may be done Christmas shopping for your family and friends (lucky you!), let us not forget about the little ones who get so wrapped up in the excitement of receiving presents for Christmas that they forget about the importance of giving.

Sooner rather than later, we want our children to enjoy giving presents rather than receiving. How can we do that? Well, by helping them experience the excitement of giving a holiday gift to someone! Whether it’s cookies, or a homemade card to a grandparent, teacher, or Aunt and Uncle – a little gift perfectly crafted by them will put a smile on anyone’s face.      

Below you will find a list of the best holiday DIY gifts your children can make this Christmas that require little to no assistance from you!

Painted Plate – With only two weeks away, you will have to act quick on this gift but we think it’s a great one! Check out the area near you and see where there is the closest location to paint your own piece of kitchenware – maybe it’s a plate, cup, mug or ornament. Let your child go crazy on the designs, leave it for the staff to place in the fuser for 5-7 days and have your child give this gift to a loved on. Each time they use it, they will be reminded of the person who gave it to them. (Photo from Yeah Mag)

Holiday Mason Jars –
With white chocolate covered pretzels, red licorice and brown M&M’s you have Frosty the Snowman, Santa Clause and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Create these adorable mason jars characters and have your friends and family snacking on them all day long. (Photo from Redbook

Hot Chocolate Mix –
We can’t get enough of these mason jar gifts! With three mini jars, fill each one up individually with either mints, marshmallows or cocoa powder. Place each jar on top of one another from bottom to top – mints, cocoa powder then the marshmallows. Have your child craft a snowman face on the marshmallow jar, add a hat and scarf to complete the look and that’s it! Your child just created a snowman hot chocolate mix that will be perfect for anyone who enjoys a good cup of hot cocoa by the fire. (Photo from Joann)

Pretzel M&M Presents –
Who doesn’t love a Christmas tin full of goodies? I know we do and I am sure your family will too! With pretzels, M&Ms and melted chocolate, you have yourself a present inside a present! These adorable M&M Christmas presents are sure to make any person smile. Make extras for you and your family for any traveling you may have over the holiday season or just for causal snacking around the house! Sweet & Salty never tasted so good. (Photo from Kristen Duke Photography)

Sugar Cookies – Whip up your favorite batch of sugar cookies and use your Holiday cookie cutters to make gingerbreads, Christmas trees, jingle bells or more! With frosting and sprinkles, your child’s creations can go a long way! Once finished, put together a couple bags filled with the cookies for your children to take to their teacher, grandparents, best friends, etc. A great DIY gift that not only shows your child’s uniqueness, but their appreciation as well. (Photo from All Recipes)

Overall, anything your children decide to do this holiday season to show they care, it’s great in our books. We hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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